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No. 1 - Think about how you REALLY live in your space

Take some time to look at and think about how you and your family currently live.  Are you active, social, spend a lot of time together as a family unit, need separate spaces to chill out and unwind?  Before making any decisions about changes to your home interior, whether it be decorating one room or making radical building alterations, really think about what you want from the space, how you and your family will use it.  Interior alterations that are not carefully considered or thought through can be costly mistakes if you are not careful.  We can help you with these considerations at Ormae Interiors if you need help - see what we can offer here.

No. 2 - Consider colour

Love the all-white, clean look? Forget it!  Colour and texture can hide a variety of spills, stains and kid-mess and mishaps! Think about using some colour or texture on walls and floors as well as in your soft furnishings and furniture.  A multi-coloured tufted rug will hide a multitude of sins as opposed to a white-washed wood floor.  And if you really can't stand a colourful or patterned look, try some of the new ombre wallpapers such as those from murals wallpaper or distressed paint-wash looks that are on trend right now.

No. 3 - Storage = the key to happiness

Ok, so perhaps that is a bit strong, but seriously, you cannot underestimate how much well-designed and plentiful storage solutions can make a difference to a family home.  Sick of falling over toys, books, school bags and coats? Try to use natural nooks, clever shelving and built-in cupboards in alcoves, unused fireplaces, spaces above and behind doors and under stairs to tuck away the kids paraphernalia at the end of the day... and then relax knowing you can navigate safely from sofa to bed without breaking your neck on the latest fidget widget lying in wait! Take a look at some of our solutions in our portfolio.

No. 4 - Multi-purpose spaces

Limited on space? have guests but nowhere to put them? Think you need to move house?

Nonsense! A fresh perspective on how you use your space and making spaces work for multi-purposes is a great way of making your home work for you and your family without having to spend a fortune on extending, remodelling or moving house.  

Just some examples we can share with you - Baby is ready for their first 'proper' bed? Consider a truckle bed and mattress that slots underneath to be used for guests or friends sleepovers as your baby grows.  A sofa bed in a lounge space is an easy way to make an extra bedroom for overnight guests.  That extra storage you fitted in no. 3? Make some of it a hide-away desk for your child to complete their homework/ for you to complete your all-important online browsing!

No. 5 - Future-proof your home

Before embarking on changes to your home to suit your current needs as a family - also think about the future.  You may have one child now, but are you planning on having more?  What about any pets in the future or what happens when your 3 under-5's are all suddenly teenagers using your space in a very different way?  Of course, you may think that a future that far away can be considered all in good time, but just give it a little thought - that huge kitchen of your dreams you are planning to install may well be better designed a little smaller but with a utility room for stinky teenage laundry to hide.  The open-plan living space you love to share with your cute toddlers may be fantastic right now but if you think about how part of it can be separated or screened off in the future to give your teenagers space without them skulking off to their rooms that might be worthwhile too!

No. 6 - Change the bedding, not the bed

Love to be on trend with home interior looks? Love that current trend with the cacti wallpaper? Loved the trend with the bird wallpaper prior to that? Hate the realisation another round of wallpapering is in order to cover up the previous trend?  Consider quick ways to update the look of your home.  No family wants to spend all their spare time decorating and re-decorating - whether it's a DIY or professional job - it takes time, money and can cause unwelcome stress.  Think about how you can update your home without that great time or expense - choose neutral wall colours and vintage or classic furniture pieces and then update looks by changing cushions, ornaments, wall hangings - mirrors, photo frames, clocks, throws and bed linen.  Different accent colours and textures can create a whole new look without the hassle of re-decorating all the walls and floors. 

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